Epsom salt for carpet cleaning

Salt can be used for cleaning based on one of its several qualities, including as an abrasive, for its chemical properties, or because of its high melting point. Salt is a great flavor enhancer, and is used as a natural preservative because it prohibits the growth of mold, bacteria and yeast, but did you know that salt has more than 14,000 uses? Cleaning with Epsom salts is one of my favorite cleaning tricks. Getting Rid Of Fleas Image Titled Get Step 9 Remove -> Source : davicavalcante. See more ideas about Cleaning, Cleaning Hacks and Household cleaners.

Clarifying hair rinse Vinegar. How to Get Salt Stains out of Your Car's Carpet. (If still wet underneath, repeat steps 1 & 2.

These eggs hatch as larvae that can get caught in carpet fibers, creating an on-going problem. First, I’ll cover the basics by answering three of the most common questions that people ask about borax. A deep clean is essential if you have pets, kids or live in a dusty climate.

It requires an additional cleaning substance to release it from the surface. html | Free A Step-By-Step Guide Battery Reconditioning, Battery Desulfator. DANDLINC 142,818 Unfortunately yes - at a minimum it leaves a residue that is hard to clean off because it is not real water soluble when mixed with minerals in the water, so commonly takes vinegar or such to remove.

This is a prime area for mildew growth, so whenever the boat carpet gets wet you should always dab the liquid up and try to dry out the area as much as possible. What can i use to neutralize it? J. You want your salts to be damp, not soaking.

Yes, you can get rid of fleas with salt! When it comes to deep carpet cleaning, a carpet shampooer will help you do the job right. Suck it up: Once you are done cleaning, use a heavy-duty vacuum to move all excess moisture, and let the boat sit in the sun for a few hours to dry. Otherwise, it will seal the salt in.

Adequate ventilation via a ceiling fan or open window will help prevent moisture buildup and go a long way toward keeping the bathroom fresh. General Surface Cleaner and Floor Cleaner: 1 part Dawn to 2-4 parts Vinegar. Here are just a few of the many ways you can put salt to good use in your home: Are you ready to be awed by salt's ability to clean a carpet? Salt is an extraordinary cleaning and deodorizing agent for your entire home.

Pour the mixture on the area and let it sit and soak for about fifteen minutes. Mix up a solution of winter rinse and spray directly on the In answer to your question about salt on the tot, I think that the answer is "yes," if you salt the carpet as much as I did, then salt is going to get on your feet, the pup's paws, the tot's toes, etc. You may have used Epsom salts to create a relaxing and healing bath, but Epsom salt is also a safe and nontoxic household cleaner.

Even gardeners use them to improve their crops. A question I am often asked is, “how do I get the salt stains out of my mats?” It’s easy — you can use the same winter rinse on carpet and it won’t hurt it! You’ll need a wet/dry vacuum or a carpet extractor if you have it. I would have looked for it in the gardening dept, too.

You have to use a spot remover designed to remove pet stains, blot the stain out of the carpet, and continue How to kill fleas in the carpet using baking soda and salt. One method is to dissolve 2 tablespoons of epsom salt in a gallon of warm water. As stated above one of the ways salt can be used for cleaning is as a mild, non-toxic abrasive.

Do not apply any floor waxes or sealants until the salt is removed. This will make the fibers stand erect and look fluffy and new again. In case you're wondering Epsom salt is an entirely different animal: magnesium sulfate to be exact (which is a salt that I consider to be, essentially, miraculous).

Some specialized cleaning tactics are needed for carpet cleaning and cloth cleaning. Find the Right Carpet Cleaner After a hard day of weeding, a good long soak in an Epsom-salt bath soothes aching muscles. You can also use it in a homemade plant food solution for your house plants.

If you have a REALLY tough stain, like red wine or cranberry juice, you can pour some salt on top of the stain first to absorb the liquid. Customer spilled about 2 gallons of epsom salt solution in the carpet. This article includes various recipes for homemade cleaning solutions that can hold their own against many of today's commercial products, as well as lending a Epsom salt is not only good for a relaxing bath; it can also be used for cleaning in a variety of ways.

An additional bonus for using Dryel or other brands of dry cleaning cloths is that they leave the car smelling great. Using Salt As An Abrasive Cleaner. When this moisture is absorbed, the cells shrink and thus, the skin regeneration begins.

Epsom salt can be used as more than just a natural fertilizer. fightbugs. Today’s post will serve that purpose in two different ways.

It is readily available at most drug stores and is widely used in bath products to help My Homemade Dry Carpet Cleaner is the original recipe, Most of what you see online are just variations of what I have tested and proven here to work well. Salt residue cannot be removed with water alone. What harm (if any) will epsom salts have on my copper tub? can epsom salt damage a refinnished tub; Health risks with bathtub refinishing? which is a better process for refinishing a tub thermoglazing or sprayed acrylic coating; Resurfacing acrylic tub, tile floor and marble countertop Carpet Stain Removal Tips Infographic.

Do not use if pot is cracked or chipped. Don't know how this is a problem, the salt might sting little eyes but shouldn't hurt skin -- your call there. Chemicals use in cleaning are not enough until you know about the soldierly you are using them on.

To help you avoid unnecessary use of harsh chemicals in your home, we’ve compiled a list of 20 frugal ways to use borax for cleaning. Fertilize your houseplants: Most plants need nutrients like magnesium and sulfur to stay in good health, and Epsom salt makes the primary nutrients in most plant foods (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) more effective. Apply the cleaning product and allow it to set for an hour.

Not only do they live and breed in your pet's fur, they also like living in your carpet too. Below is a great list of uses for Epsom Salt for your body and home! Epsom Salt Cleanse - a safe and natural way to flush body toxins and excess water Epsom Salt Uses for Dogs thumbnail, itching, etc. Salt; Baking Soda; White Vinegar; Dry cleaning solvent (found at grocery store or carpet cleaning supplier) More Carpet Stain Removal Tips.

Does salt kill fleas diy flea powder for your home get rid of fleas w o using chemicals pesticides baking soda salt why baking soda doesn t work for me to kill fleas these are possible cause does fail often 1 there re some eggs remain. Have we missed any great household uses of salt? Remove coffee stains from the inside of a glass coffee pot by adding 4 teaspoons Morton ® Salt, 1 cup crushed ice and 1 tablespoon water. I actually started the company with a portable machine that I carried in the back of my car.

­­A fresh blood stain There are several ways to apply epsom salt to your plants. As winter winds down, you may notice hardened salt crystals appearing on the carpeting in your car and home. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes (or until it appears that the salt has absorbed all the liquid) and vacuum.

Shortly afterwards I purchased a van mounted machine. If you do, then it will be much easier to remove the stain. Salt.

The natural abrasive properties of Epsom salt make it perfect for cleaning surfaces around your home. The magical ingredient in Epsom salt is the mineral magnesium sulfate, which naturally sedates your nervous system and draw toxins out of the body if applied to swollen muscles. For general cleaning, like kitchen and bathroom counters, you can use a little Dawn with more vinegar.

Add baking soda last and quickly screw the lid on. Start with the gentlest cleaning solutions first before moving on to anything stronger. If you spill something on the boat carpet, if it rains and the carpet gets wet, or you track water walking on it, moisture will eventually seep under the carpet and get into the wood.

Epsom salt can help add volume to your hair and clear pores from your skin. When silk flowers get dusty, put them in a paper bag with several tablespoons of salt and shake gently for two minutes to clean them. Rikard Stadler/shutterstock.

If you don't remove the fleas quickly they will multiply in a matter of weeks and infest your home. Epsom salt has similar properties to the table salt, in that they help improving a wounded site by absorbing excessive fluids that cause skin cell inflammation. Coffee pot should be at room temperature before cleaning.

If you’ve poured too much alcohol, add a little more salt. You can place something heavy on it and let it sit. However, it can be used for a lot more than easing muscular aches and pains, and with Hometalk as my inspiration, I put together a list of 12 unique uses for Epsom salt.

Baking soda ought to be in every department in the store because it has so many uses, along with vinegar and Epsom salt. Sprinkle salt on carpets to dry out muddy footprints before vacuuming. Based in Epsom Member since 2015 Learn how to use borax for cleaning, laundry, stain removal, and more.

Baking soda and Epsom salts are inexpensive and employed as internal and external home health remedies for a variety of everyday ailments. recon70604/Battery Operated Vacumms For Cleaning Carpet-gukiECwKkun7Gl8tb. Need help cleaning grout? I tested 10 popular homemade grout cleaners to figure out which DIY tile and grout cleaner works best.

One of these treatments is safe and uses a common everyday substance – salt. The other ingredient is liquid dish detergent, which helps to get things moving again and provides extra cleaning power. I think I found it near the flour and corn meal, then again in the detergent aisle.

while the Epsom salt prevents re-growth. This is one reason why it is not recommended to put a lot of salt in your food. The urine will soak down into the backing of the carpet, and provide a new favorite place for your pet to pee.

Carpet Cleaner 1 tsp dish washing liquid + 1 tbsp white vinegar + 1 cup warm water + 1 tsp baking soda Add ingredients to a spray bottle. Each detergent formulation has maximum effectiveness at a specific pH value. I thought I would share with you a few ways that Espom salt can be useful in your home for cleaning.

We have four ideas for you to experiment with below, and you’ll likely be keeping Epsom salt How to Use Salt Around the House. It is VERY inexpensive and all natural. Fluff it up: When the carpet dries, use a clean, medium bristle brush and brush the carpet against the grain.

These black or brown bloodsuckers can bite you, creating itchy bumps. (I often wait more, but depends on how highly trafficked the area is. The winning solution is an all-natural cleaner that brightens and whitens grout with only 2 simple ingredients.

soak for 3 times a week. But did you know that Epsom salts give roses a boost as well? Epsom salts are comprised of magnesium sulfate. Water your houseplants with this mixture once per month.

) Vacuum up the salt. Oct 16, 2016 General Carpet Cleaning Visitors used to flock to Epsom to "take the waters" and ever since then we've been adding Epsom salts to bathwater when we're feeling sore. Traditionally used as a bath salt, these days we can find them in many of our beauty and household products.

Call our team at Carpet Bright UK today for a free estimate! We're the carpet cleaner Epsom trusts: our guaranteed and professional service will transform the look and feel of your home or office with bright, fresh carpets and rugs that look like new. Mix the ingredients together and spread the mixture onto your grout line. The ratio is about 2:1 Epsom salts to alcohol.

Epsom salt bath can help you release uneasy or negative subtle energy you have inadvertently collected from other people Carpet powder is one product that I can’t do without. I am looking for a cleaning service for a small two bedroom house in Epsom. Does Salt Kill Fleas In Your Carpet The Truth About Treatment -> Source www.

. Cleaning Uses for Epsom Salt at Home Clean Bathroom Tiles. For more medical applications, I tend to apply Epsom salt in soaks like the one described above, in either a tub or small basin (size dependent on the target area), or as a "hot pack," for which I’ll make a poultice by soaking a clean washcloth or sturdy paper towels in the solution for direct application to the affected area — as for head 4.

Some people also use Epsom salt as a beauty product. Magnesium and Epsom salt is high in magnesium, and it has amazing healing properties when it’s dissolved into water and you give yourself a good soak. Epsom salt is actually a crystalized form of the pure-mineral compound magnesium sulfate.

Whats people lookup in this blog: Epsom Salt On Carpet To Kill Fleas Epsom Salts are a pure mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulfate found in Epsom in England. Even though it is a reasonable price, I buy so much of it that it works out to be pretty expensive. The Best Epsom Salt Battery Recipe.

I'm not qualified on medical stuff. Me, being the frugal person that I am, wouldn’t dream of ripping out brand new carpet… So, here we are. Wash using warm water and laundry soap, then boil the fabric in a large kettle of boiling water.

What Happens When You Mix Salt and Vinegar? When salt and vinegar are mixed together, a chemical reaction takes place. Plus we all love some all natural cleaning When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, Epsom knows where to turn. Simply use a scrubbing sponge to clean your tiles once a There are numerous uses for Epsom salts.

Explore Jordan Nicole's board "Vinegar, Epsom salt and Baking soda!", followed by 395 people on Pinterest. They have outlined common carpet stains. Epsom salt will help eliminate these pests from your carpet.

Blood: Soak a blood stain on cotton, linen, or other natural fiber in cold saltwater for 1 hour. Here is how to do it… Combine one part Epsom Salt and one part regular dish soap. Cleaning a bathroom well does not mean using harsh chemicals.

(Note: Baking soda is a member of the salt family, and some people find that adding some to their Epsom salt helps with softening their 10 good to know uses for epsom salts around the house car carpet cleaning hacks quotes to get machine upholstery service home by hand products how to use epsom salt on carpet for fleas. Epsom Salts are believed to assist in: Easing stress and relaxing the body Relieving pain Helping muscles and nerves to function properly Assist in preventing hardening of the arteries and blood clots Assisting in making insulin more effective Eliminating… So today, I’m going to show you how to make a Natural Homemade Carpet Deodorizer! This carpet deodorizer is ridiculously easy and really does work! The scents you can use in your natural homemade carpet deodorizer will remind you of spring, which makes this cleaning activity a mood booster as well. Combine the Epsom salt and essential oils, if using for scent, in a glass jar and shake well.

How Epsom salt improve open wounds. With some common household items you can have your boat carpet looking as good as new in a couple of hours, and be ready for the high seas once more. It can also cause more minerals to be deposited in your clothes from the salt because salt isn’t a softener (best case scenario).

Wash again. The cleaning methods above are safe to use on all sealed flooring types. It is common for mold and soap scum to build-up when cleaning your bathroom tiles, and while chemical cleaners are effective, they are not the safest option.

You would be surprised how easy it can be to arrange a professional carpet cleaning in Epsom KT18 area. We thought we would begin with this excellent Pinnable Infographic from E&B Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. There are a variety of commercial products available, but you likely have a perfectly good cleaner right in your own kitchen.

First of all salt will not remove urine from carpet. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and rugs will help, but there are natural treatments that can be even more effective. Then lay a towel over it and stand on it till it feels dry to the touch.

Cleaning is a tough occupation. If you're looking for an inexpensive, natural boost to your beauty regimen, look no further than humble Epsom salt. It's not unusual for people to use baking soda as a DIY Hard Water Stain Remover Recipe Ingredients.

Epsom salt does not only give health benefits to humans but to plants as well. Gently pour 1 tablespoon of isopropyl rubbing alcohol/surgical spirits onto the salts. If you are unsure how the flooring will react with the cleaning product, test a small area first.

Use a regular scouring pad to scrub the area. It was with the baking soda. The solid salt dissolves in the liquid vinegar, which is primarily water based.

aerosol spray baby care bar soap bleach body wash & shower gel box cand carpet cleaner cleansers color plate cotton swabs/balls cutlery deodorant designer plates dish liquid epson salt ethnic hair products fabric softener floor cleaner foam plates foil gel gum hair color hand wash laundry liquids laundry powders lotions & creams medicine mobile . You can also place the epsom salt and water mixture into a spray bottle and spray it directly on the leaves of your plant. Whatever name you go by, it helps scrub tile and grout and remove stubborn cooked-on food from pots and pans.

Clean the tiles with a towel without damaging the surface. Epsom salt does have some benefits when it comes to constipation, but it’s not recommended to use this daily as a solution since it can upset your stomach and turn into diarrhea. In addition to being great for your body, there are also some effective household uses for Epsom salt.

Dissolve 6 spoons (90 g) of NortemBio Citric Acid in 1L of hot water. Salt is there to lend a hand. Cleaning supplies made from from all-natural green cleaning ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, Castile soap and hydrogen peroxide are amazing! In the correct combinations these green cleaning ingredients can leave your whole house sparkling (for only a few cents) while eliminating the need BLOCKED GUTTERS is a Surrey Trading Standards Approved Company, Specialising in Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repairing and the installation of New Gutters, Fascias and Soffits.

For example, an acid solution is needed to remove metal oxide, such as rust, and an alkaline solution may be needed to clean a heavily soiled, solution-dyed olefin carpet in a rental We scoured the Internet to find you 17 ways to use Dawn dish soap for cleaning, pest control and more. If you drive in a cold climate, you'll very likely end up with white stains on your car's carpeting from road salt. Pics of : Epsom Salt For Carpet Cleaning How to Clean Pee Off Furniture or Carpets.

EPSOM. In fact, country living and carpet don’t mix either… Unfortunately for me, when we purchased our house, it had brand-new, white Berber carpet. co 44 reasons why does baking soda kill fleas how to get rid of flea fleas with baking soda fleas with baking soda home remes for fleas what works and doesn t pest hacks Get Rid Of Salt Residue On Floors.

Allow the paste to sit on the carpet for several hours until it dries completely, then vacuum it away. Vinegar is the superhero of stain removal (and cleaning in general!Try these different formulas for homemade carpet stain remover to remove a variety of 9. Here’s how you can make these helpful tablets at home! Dogs and carpet don’t mix.

Pics of : Salt To Kill Fleas In Carpet I got my Epsom salt recently at Walmart. House Cleaning in KT17. These “bombs” are made with baking soda and Epsom salt, which both help dissolve and break down clogs.

Remember that trying to remove stains is just a matter of When you're looking for reliable, high-quality carpet or rug cleaning services in Epsom, you know which is the best company in your town - "Local Cleaners Epsom" . Uses For Salt For Cleaning Your Home. For sickies on carpet, I’ve had a lot of luck with the Dawn, Baking Soda, and Peroxide combo.

Vinegar, lemon juice, and washing up liquid all combine safely with salt for various cleaning tasks. Baking soda is a commonly carried item in supermarkets and Epsom salts are easily found at the drugstore. Use Dish Soap for More Than Washing Dishes.

Rinse thoroughly with water the tile surface once you cleaned with the Citric Acid. The baking soda and salt method is the easiest and safest way of eliminating fleas in the carpet. So the next time you want to give yourself a truly luxurious spa treatment without the price tag, simply add a cup of Epsom salt to your next hot bath.

Experts recommend using Dawn dish soap for cleaning more than dishes. Stains need all the help they can get. Epsom Salt in the washer: Epsom salts in the washing machine can cause rusting inside the washer (worst case scenario).

Using a shampooer to clean your carpets and rugs on a regular basis will keep them looking good for years to come. This homemade dry carpet cleaner is also a great alternative to store-bought solutions for cleaning your wall-to-wall rug. For this recipe, you’ll need one cup of Epsom salts, half a cup of baking soda, and a quarter cup of liquid hand washing dish soap.

We were one of the first companies in the area to use the modern van mounted carpet cleaning systems that are the standard today. Most curtains are made of woven fabrics that gather dust, pet hair, and dander — even mold spores. Clean Vases Restore the bloom to a glass flower vase.

The first line of defense is to vacuum up as much of the dry salt as possible. Carpet and Rug Deodorizer 1 cup baking soda + 20 drops tea tree oil Sprinkle over carpet. If you have some Epsom Salt on hand, use it to clean dirty tile grout.

You can find Epsom salt in the pharmacy area of any department store. Both of these common kitchen ingredients are not only safe for pets and babies; they are also easily available at a low cost. Epsom Salt for the Garden.

Homemade carpet powder to the rescue!! It’s cheap & it has not met an odor that it doesn’t take care of. 5. 3 cups distilled white vinegar; 1 cup Epsom salt (find it here)2 tablespoons natural liquid dish soap (learn how to make liquid soap or find a good natural brand here) Battery Operated Vacumms For Cleaning Carpet : Discover top rated Battery Reconditioning around the world.

It's not truly a salt, but a mineral also called magnesium sulfate. Borax can be used with salt for cleaning carpets and other jobs. ) Clean area with your normal cleaning spray or solution.

The salt in this natural homemade carpet cleaner recipe is used to bind up stains. epsom salt baths or 2 cups Espom salt in 15 gal water. Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, is a natural occurring mineral first discovered in a bitter saline spring in Epsom, England.

Uses for Epsom Salt. Pour a heaping amount of salt over the affected area. Would inlcude hoovering, cleaning the very small kitchen and bathroom, dusting and very occasional ironing.

Dry cleaning cloths: Dry cleaning cloths such as Dryel are also great for cleaning car upholstery. 10. Modern Carpet Cleaning has been in business for over 18 years.

You need to be hydrated and double the amount of water your intake if you decide to do so. 1. try cleaning My husband is the manager of a carpet cleaning company and he always tells me if I have to clean up pee use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water.

Spray it on but don’t saturate it you don’t want to wash it into the pad. Wait at least an hour or two for it to fully dry. Miss Maid is a company that provides cleaning and housekeeping services for home and office, and does it well, working with professionalism, integrity, and dedication.

Epsom salt uses in the garden — Studies show that the magnesium and sulfur that comprise Epsom salt may help your plants grow greener, produce higher yields and have more blooms! Using Epsom salt for plants is one of my favorite uses of this powerful ingredient. Make sure that you keep the stain from setting into your carpet if at all possible. com 4 easy ways to get rid of fleas in carpets wikihow does salt kill fleas in your carpet the truth about treatment how to use epsom salt on carpet for fleas clean it does salt kill fleas in your carpet the truth about treatment We know that eating too much salt is unhealthy for us , but salt has all kinds of uses around the home! From your beauty routine to cleaning, salt can really come in handy.

It absorbs water from food and cells. Today we are sharing some excellent tricks that will ensure you can remove common household carpet stains. When snow and ice show up, there are additional cleaning steps that need to be added to your floor care routine.

Mix 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup borax and 1/4 cup vinegar, then apply this paste to deep stains or heavily soiled sections of carpet. Gently swirl until clean, then rinse. Epsom salt naturally draws toxins from the body, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling and reduces muscle pains and body aches.

Learn the easy, healthy way to clean grout and tile Cleaning with Salt is Awesome! (Clean My Space) Washing Soda and Epsom Salt Reaction How To Use BORAX to Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Machine - Duration: 3:42. Plus, it doesn’t always work as well as I like. Both magnesium and sulfur occur in garden soil; they are important secondary nutrients for plants 4 easy ways to get rid of fleas in carpets wikihow does salt kill fleas in your carpet the truth about treatment how to use epsom salt on carpet for fleas clean it does salt kill fleas in your carpet the truth about treatment.

The Epsom Salt Uses: GARDENING. Second, I’ll share over two dozen great uses for borax, from clearing a drain to preserving flowers and beyond! By the end of click here to get recipes for our 15 favorite essential oil blends to make relaxing bath salts . They are easily accessible and are effective car upholstery cleaners.

These are the different Epsom salt uses for plants. Okay, lab coat off, Hints-from-Heloise hat on. click here for a FREE printable of the 15 essential oil bath salt recipes PLUS the reasons why you should add Epsom salt, sea salt, baking powder, and essential oils to your bath.

Epsom salt has a natural abrasive property that makes it perfect for cleaning tasks. The process demands skill, tools and practices. You can also check out more ways that borax can be used around your house.

Here are a few restorative ways you can use Epsom salt to start feeling better! Please note that a few of these are internal uses. That’s it! This is safe for both regular washing machines and HE machines. But for cleaning purposes you can use any type of salt.

If you try to light the salts and the flame burns weakly, you’ve added too little alcohol. Sprinkle Epsom salt once weekly to help nourish your houseplants, flowers, and vegetables. DIY Epsom Salt Laundry Booster: Method.

Cleaning with salt, alone or in combination with other natural cleaners can tackle a wide range of household cleaning tasks. Winter weather brings with it additional areas of concern for cleaning professionals. Refresh household sponges by soaking them in cold salt water for ten minutes.

I am now learning new ways to use Epsom Salt in my home. Epsom salt and dish soap cleaner. Begin scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush or some other brush with soft bristles.

blue dawn dish soap plus 2 cups Epsom salt and How to remove salt stains from entrance matting. Our dogs have a Cleaning a boat carpet isn't too difficult, but it is a different procedure than you would use on your home carpet. The cleaning chemical”s pH value can have a direct effect on cleaning effectiveness.

Joe Roberts. Even if they don’t look dirty, knowing how to clean curtains, and making it part of your cleaning routine, will go a long way to helping your home stay clean. Take liquid dish detergent and Epsom salt and mix these in equal parts.

Spray onto carpet and rub into carpet with a sponge. Table salt and Epsom salts are perfect for making green cleaning and DIY beauty products at home. Our carpet cleaners are Epsom salt is not only good for your garden.

Use for Carpet Cleaning: Salt provides an environment in which bacteria cannot live and reproduce. Epsom salt has been used for many years now, and these Epsom salt uses are continually evolving through generations with the help of technology. epsom salt for carpet cleaning

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